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The LEA has the best escorts in London for incalls and outcalls. There are few things one cannot take for granted. Having an excellent sex life is one thing that tops that list. Unfortunately for most people, their experience with escorts lacks the spice and sauce characteristic of a great adventure.

If you think your sex life needs an upgrade and you think it's time you want to do something about it? Then you need to check out our gallery of highly trained open minded London escorts who have all it takes to transcend your sex life in a safe and skilful manner.

Using our services not only helps to set you free from the shackles of tiresome and unfulfilling encounters, but it will also help you lead an overall happy life.

At some point in life, we all want to live out a particular sexual fantasy, be it one you saw in a magazine, porn video or picture, etc. The thought of having your teacher or maid with their amazing figure bending over as you plunge deep down into her might be in your head all day long. But the truth in real life, is that this fantasy might land either one of you in jail. So why risk jail or even kill off your fantasy, when you can make this a reality, with the help of our London escorts.

Our escorts are highly trained, cultures and beautiful ladies who know all it takes to make your hard as a rock, from just the tune of their voice, down to their well-shaped body and luscious lips made for sucking.

Our agency is aimed at giving you the best time of your life and help you attain an optimal level of sexual satisfaction at all times. With the help or our escorts, you can swiftly move from being sexually frustrated to a sex life filled with thrilled mixed with a dynamic level of pleasure.

Featured Models

Our Models

Our models are carefully selected exquisite, gorgeous, and intelligent companions with features to meet your specific needs. Each client is present with an unlimited option when it comes to selecting the perfect partner. We have varieties of models ranging from colour to ethnicity and type.

Unlike other agencies out there; with us what you see is what you get. This means all pictures you will find on our website are the real ones, and you always get what you pay for.

Some pictures might have the faces covered or blurred, this is solely for the purpose of privacy and security.

How to pick a model?

As mentioned earlier, there are varieties of models based on ethnicity, type, colour and area. Choosing the perfect one for you boils down to your fantasy and how wild your imagination can run.
You can also make your choice of models based on skin colour. At the London Escort Agency, we have models of different colours: black, brown and white. The pictures of these models usually depict their colour, therefore making your selection easier.

Choices can also be made based on ethnicity as the agency has models of different ethnicity available to fulfil your fantasies and meet your every need.

If you prefer a model within a certain age range, you can also make your search or even request for help in locating one, but you must know that all models are above 18 and are therefore legal.

For those who would love to enjoy some action with pierced or inked models, you can also make your choice based on this feature. The Agency has a number of models with tattoos and piercing, this is all aimed at giving you an experience of a lifetime.

Size can also be a criterion for choosing a model. There are curvy, busty and petite models for your pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

All Models

Why do you need a companion from us? 

The LEA has succeeded in bringing together a wide range of girls of different races, colour, size and types solely to help you attain that height of pleasure. We are professionals at giving you the experience of a lifetime and makes your investment in our time worthwhile.


The girls of  the LEA are in every way capable of making your sexual fantasies a reality. There are a lot of advantages associated with picking our models rather than going for other when it comes to fulfilling your true sexual desires. 

Below are some reasons why you would want the girls of The London Escort Agency.


Our Models Are Well Learned

The girls of the London Escort Agency are educated to a reasonable extent; therefore, communication becomes easy and having them as a companion could also be a learning experience for you.


They are Smart Both Inside and Outside the Bedroom

Our girls are highly intelligent and can make a perfect assessment of what your needs are and how to meet every area of your needs. This makes them a perfect great company for dates and events, as they are easy to communicate and get along with.


Being Classy Is Top Priority For Our Models

Our models are fancy, classy and can fit in any gathering. Booking their services to events and functions can easily add some points to your overall prestige. They mix well with the crowd and can hold an intelligent conversation, will still maintaining a standard.

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Our Models Are Smoking Hot

Nothing brings disappointment than to find out the girl with a sexy photo you booked is all shaded of different from what showed up on your doorstep. With us, you will never experience this.


The girls of the London Escort Agency are genuinely gorgeous and sexy with sophisticated bodies made to please you in different kind of ways. You can also make an extra request for them to dress up in any costume of your choice.


Our Models Make Great Listeners and Companions 

Our models have amazing abilities to make you comfortable as they are great listeners. They give you their whole attention and makes sure to put into practice every of your desired moves. They are also quite compliant as they fulfil even your craziest wishes.

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They Are Discreet

Our models are trained to be as discreet as you want them to be. They meet up with you at your preferred location. You can also be rest assured to have as much privacy as you wish.

Their Prices Are Worth It

 No price can be placed on the amount of joy our models get from lifting you up. Our models love what they do, as a result, the price they charge is way below what they have to offer. With our models, you can rest assured of getting the best deals.

How Can I book an Escort?

After checking through our gallery of smoking hot models and you're throbbing and ready to pop. Your next step is to book the model that fits perfectly well into your fantasy. To do this, you can put a call through to us or drop us a message via email or using the contact menu. Upon getting your message, which is almost always instantly, we can then take it from there